What tests to take for parasites, signs, medicine

diagnostics of the presence of parasites in the body

Parasites in the body exist at the expense of trace elements and food in our intestines. There are many types of them. The most common are tapeworms, worms, trichophytosis and trichocephalus. From the abundance of species of parasites, the symptoms with problems in humans are also different. For example, there are parasites that leave us hungry by eating the food we have eaten, others cause anemia by feeding on blood cells, and still others, laying eggs in the body, provoke itching and insomnia. Because of this, the most important thing in treating parasites is finding out the root cause (the parasite) that is causing your body to be in trouble.

Signs of the presence of parasites in the body

  • the appearance of constipation or diarrhea, possibly other signs of improper bowel function;
  • while traveling in other countries, you develop diarrhea;
  • after food poisoning, your bowel function has changed;
  • you have trouble sleeping, wake up often;
  • there are spots on the skin that are not associated with allergies or other similar skin diseases;
  • grind your teeth while sleeping;
  • there is aching pain in joints and muscles;
  • feeling tired, frequent depression and periodic bouts of apathy;
  • after eating you feel hungry, there is no saturation of the body;
  • there was anemia due to iron deficiency.

As we can see, the symptoms are completely different, and some of them are attributed by people to another disease and may not even think about parasites.

How to identify the parasite

First, pay attention to how you are feeling, what specifically causes anxiety. If you have bowel problems, be it constipation or diarrhea, restless sleep, itchy skin, muscle pain, you should see your doctor. All difficulties with the body in the presence of parasites are associated with the release of toxins by them, which affects the normal functioning of the human body. And disturbed sleep and creaking teeth are a sign of anxiety, as the body speaks of the problem. Stool analysis remains the main method for detecting parasites. At the same time, a distinction is made between a standard analysis and a detailed one, which is used in the medicine of functional disorders. Their main difference is in accuracy. Standard analysis is only able to identify a parasite if it is alive and active. Then, if the pest died due to the end of its life cycle, or is in hibernation, the standard method will not work. The result will be negative, and you will be sure that you have no harmful microorganism, although this will not be the case. In a detailed analysis, there are no such problems, since it uses the polymerase chain reaction method. The method allows you to identify the parasite in any of its conditions and does not depend on the ability of the laboratory assistant to see the pest through a microscope. Thanks to this approach, patients who received a negative standard analysis, after PCR, are surprised to learn about unwanted "roommates", which subsequently allows them to solve the problem with their health.

Treatment methods

The necessary method of treatment is prescribed by the doctor after receiving the test result. The course of prescribed medications depends on what kind of parasite is found in you, because what will destroy one pest will not affect the other at all. However, there are cases that it is not possible to identify a harmful microorganism, then the doctor prescribes a mixture of different herbs. Most often it is magnesia, tribulus extract, barberry and grapefruit extract, annual wormwood infusion, walnut extract and bear berry extract. All of these ingredients are sold in pharmacies. The mixtures work by creating bacteria that are beneficial to the intestines, which is precisely what fight against microorganisms harmful to us. If you have had liver disease, or you have abused alcohol, check this point with your doctor, perhaps you should not use herbs, or you will need to reduce the frequency and number of doses. Remember, most parasites can be identified and eliminated. Timely pass the examination, follow all the instructions of the attending physician, and your health is guaranteed!