How to get rid of parasites in the human body at home?

How to get rid of parasites so that they do not have time to cause severe harm to the human body, and at the same time do it with the least risk and in the shortest possible time? What is the best way to use in order not only to remove the parasites from the body, but also not to leave their larvae there? It is quite difficult to do this, since strong drugs can cause intoxication, therefore, after the main treatment, it is required to conduct a control diagnosis and, if necessary, apply additional cleansing at home.

How to get rid of parasites in the body using folk methods

Parasites can be removed from the body at home by taking medications from plants. These folk remedies are the most gentle, since they do not destroy the helminths, but simply force them to leave their habitat. Despite all the safety of such treatment, before starting it, it is still recommended to consult with a specialist in order to choose the most appropriate method of cleansing from parasites. The initial stage consists in the use of antiparasitic agents, at the next stage they try to increase the immune defense and restore the organs affected by helminthiasis. To do this, use collections from plants with properties unacceptable for the existence of the parasite.

It is possible to remove parasites from the body at home using the following plants:

  1. Wormwood and tansy herb.The combination of these plants affects a huge number of parasites, the number of their species is more than a hundred. Mixtures of herbs - wormwood and tansy, are not used for children, due to the fact that wormwood in a dose exceeding the norm is poisonous. Tansy is generally not allowed to be taken by children, as this plant has very strong antihelminthic properties. It is important not to forget that tansy and wormwood, although vegetable, are poisons, so caution is required when using them. The course of cleansing is carried out for a week, if necessary, it can be longer, but not more than a month. Particular attention should be paid to the use of wormwood powder for prophylaxis, since it has a number of contraindications. Wormwood powder should not be taken with hypertension, with problems in the gastrointestinal tract. It is forbidden to take wormwood powder for women during menstruation, as this can increase bleeding. Pregnant women, trying to remove parasites, should also not use wormwood powder as part of the collection and take it. The effect of dry wormwood and tansy powder will be enhanced if clove powder is added to them.
  2. Clove, used as a method to remove parasites at home, can not only affect the adult, but also have a detrimental effect on eggs and larvae. Cloves can be taken in various forms - as a powder, decoction, or as a mixture with other plants. For cleansing from parasites, it is better to take clove powder before meals in a dose of 1 teaspoon, washed down with water. A mixture of clove and wormwood powder, which is ground separately, and then combined into a common powder, has a great effect. It should be taken in a dose of 1 teaspoon of clove and wormwood powder once a day in the evening, or half an hour before meals. Cleansing course - 3 weeks. In order to effectively remove parasites, you need to take not only clove powder, but also use a decoction from this plant. Clove decoction is simple to prepare: dry clove flowers are brewed with boiling water in a ratio of 1 part clove to 10 parts of water and infused for three hours. Take in a dose of ½ glass twice a day, the course of cleansing is 3 weeks.
  3. Method of purification from various parasites using walnut tincture.Unripe nut peel is poured with alcohol and placed in the sun for 30 days. After this time, they are removed and they begin to take the tincture in the morning before meals. Begin cleansing with one drop of tincture in half a glass of water, increasing the dose by drop every day. Bring up to 2 teaspoons and take this amount in a course throughout the year. Between the receptions of the nut tincture, you must take a laxative.
  4. Calendulaeffectively restores tissues damaged by parasites. Marigold flowers are taken in the form of fees and as a basic tool after the parasites have been removed. Calendula has a healing effect on the affected intestinal tissue, and is also able to restore liver function, making it healthy. In addition to the decoction, for prevention purposes, you need to take a pharmacy tincture of calendula flowers in weekly courses. Dose - 1 teaspoon per glass of water with a break in between.
  5. You can remove parasites by using cinnamon, a well-known spice.As a folk remedy, it is taken for prophylaxis and for the destruction of helminths. Cinnamon improves bowel function, thereby increasing its resistance to helminthic invasions. The powder should be taken in the morning, before meals, for a month.Powder dose - 1 teaspoon, which should be taken simply with water.
  6. You can try to remove parasites not only with medicinal plants, but also using popular advice regarding other substances. For example, they purchase cosmetic blue clay, pour 1 kg of clay with 2 buckets of water, and wait until evening, add hot and take a bath. This contributes to the healing of the skin, which often suffers from helminthiasis. To get rid of parasites, you can take blue pharmacy clay inside for prevention, this will provide additional nutrition with trace elements and at the same time help get rid of parasitic fungi that often accompany helminthiasis.
  7. Everyone is probably familiar with the scary stories about tapeworms. When such a parasite is identified, it is advised to quickly take measures to expel it, for which traditional healers are advised to drink a glass of kerosene. Literally all parasites do not tolerate kerosene and go out. How true such a recipe with the use of kerosene is, to judge the doctors. Many are skeptical about such treatment, but they do not deny it either.

What should alert you first

The difficulty in completely removing parasites is that they have developed the ability to hold in place, fixing there with suction cups, teeth, etc. Attaching, they injure the surrounding tissues and additionally poison the parasites with the waste of their existence. If you feel unwell, to be sure of the possibility of a parasite infestation, you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • feeling of constant hunger and sudden sudden weight loss;
  • development of anemia, weakness and loss of activity;
  • development of allergic manifestations on the skin, unusual before;
  • , a sharp increase in excess weight can occur, which cannot be reduced by diets;
  • headache, migraine attacks;
  • the appearance of a feeling of heaviness in the area of ​​the right hypochondrium after eating, problems with digestion;
  • skin rashes, brittle and dull hair;
  • joint pain.

Diagnostics is needed to confirm suspicions

In order to determine the method of removing parasites from the body, diagnostics are required. It is complicated by the variety of species of parasites, as well as their possibility of rapid spread. The symptoms manifested by helminths can belong to several of their types at once, which makes it difficult to make a final diagnosis. In order to really determine which parasites from the body need to get rid of, the following diagnostic methods are used today:

  1. Methodologywith the use of immunology - serology, which allows you to accurately record the presence in the human body of antibodies inherent in the waste products of parasites. The method is most acceptable in the case of the development of infection, but even then its accuracy cannot exceed 60%.
  2. A histological coprogram technique using powerful microscopes to examine the body of the helminth and determine its appearance.
  3. Hemoscanning technique with diagnostics of a living blood drop, magnified 2 thousand times. It makes it possible to determine the state and species of the larvae.
  4. In rare cases, it is possible to conduct a study using electroacupuncture, but this method is not recommended due to the harmful effects on the subject.

Which method of cleansing from parasites from the body to choose, the doctor will determine, but before that you need to undergo a mandatory examination.

Various methods to get rid of parasites

Carrying out prophylaxis and, if necessary, expelling parasites is not an easy task, but quite feasible. If the worms live in favorable conditions and their number has increased, then it is impossible to destroy all at once, since after death they begin to have a toxic effect. In addition, the drugs themselves have a negative effect on human organs, destroy the liver and kidneys. Therefore, after removing the parasites, even if the cleansing was completely successful, you have to take measures for some time to restore your own health.

Modern methods of removing parasites from the body use means that create impossible conditions for the existence of helminths in the human body. Therefore, the treatment takes a long time and sometimes takes several months, reaching up to six months. In order to completely remove parasites from the body and achieve complete cleansing of them, they use specially designed therapeutic agents, which can be divided into chemical and herbal.

The greatest effect can be achieved when using chemicals, since they are capable of completely removing parasites in 1–2 months, but one can suffer from the toxic effects of these drugs. The use of herbal remedies in the form of fees or powder is the most harmless, since they have minimal harm.

The use of homeopathy as a method of cleansing from parasites can have a tangible effect, but has not become widespread, due to the fact that so far few specialists are involved in this branch of medicine.