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  • In the article, we will talk about folk remedies for parasites in the human body, the symptoms of invasion, the effectiveness of recipes and the rules for using the funds.
    22 December 2021
  • How to suspect the presence of parasites in the human body: signs and symptoms of infection. Methods for diagnostics and cleaning the body from helminths.
    29 January 2021
  • Types of parasites in the human body, routes of infection and the main symptoms of their presence. Methods for treating helminthiasis with medicines and traditional medicine.
    29 January 2021
  • Types of worms in the human body with symptoms of infection: pinworm, lamblia, ascaris, histological amoeba, toxocara, broad tapeworm, pork tapeworm, bovine tapeworm (tapeworm), necator and hookworm, alveococcus, echinococcus, gnatostoma, schistosoma, trichinella.
    29 January 2021