Prevention of worms in children and adults: how to do it

Worms parasitize in the human body, causing various ailments and intractable diseases. Prevention of worms in children and adults is considered a must, important to perform. In order to avoid negative consequences for health and life, preventive measures should be taken at least once every six months for all family members living in the same apartment. How to carry out prophylaxis with drugs and folk remedies?

family carrying out the prevention of worms

general information

Timely prophylaxis is always better than any therapy. Prevention is necessary to prevent many internal diseases and ailments, helminthic diseases, including. The most common parasites that infect adults and children are geohelminths (roundworms and hookworms), pinworms, tapeworms, and giardia. Worms in humans mainly affect the small and large intestines, some species are able to migrate throughout the body, and localize in vital organs. The main symptoms of worms in humans:

  • disturbed stool;
  • rashes on the skin of unknown origin;
  • painful thinness;
  • poor or increased appetite.

Do I need prophylaxis against worms and how often should it be carried out?

taking a pill for the prevention of worms

Prevention of helminthiasis in adults and children is carried out at least once every six months. People with pets should be prevented from worming every three months. The opinions of doctors differ on whether it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with medications. Some believe that it is impossible, since anthelmintic drugs contain toxic substances, while others prove the opposite.

In the pharmacy network, you can find medicines with a minimum of side effects and contraindications. Prevention of worms in humans is simply necessary, since infection with worms will bring more health problems than antiparasitic drugs. In the course of their vital activity, worms emit harmful substances that cause a malfunction in the work of internal organs, provoking inflammatory processes and ailments. Helminthiasis is dangerous not only for health, in some cases it poses a threat to human life.

Preventive deworming with drugs is carried out to all family members, without exception, including a pet. An alternative method to the medication course for helminths is the use of folk remedies to prevent infection with parasites. Folk remedies are more gentle and safer, suitable for use by women during pregnancy and small children.

Preventive measures

taking a shower to prevent worms

Prevention measures include adherence to rules to prevent infection with helminths and to save a person and the whole family from possible negative consequences. Prevention measures for helminthic diseases:

  • Wash hands more often before meals and after using the toilet.
  • Do not contact stray animals, as they are often carriers of pathogens of helminthic diseases.
  • Do not eat poorly cooked meat and fish.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly. Pathogens of geohelminthiases (roundworms, hookworms) are often found on the surface of unwashed fruits.
  • Change your underwear regularly and keep your bed clean.
  • Regular prevention of helminthic diseases in pets is required.
  • Do not use fresh water from open sources, as it is in the water that the causative agents of geohelminthiasis are contained.

Drugs for prophylaxis in children and adults

Currently, there are many drugs used to prevent helminthiasis. A specialist will recommend the most suitable remedy.

Folk remedies for the prevention of worms

onion broth for the prevention of worms

Measures for the prevention of helminthic diseases are traditional methods of treatment that are successfully used for deworming a person. They are easy to use, affordable and effective. Common folk recipes for the prevention of worms:

  • Onion tincture for alcohol - prevention of helminthiasis for adults. Making a tincture against helminthic invasions is simple. You need to take 1 large onion and chop finely. Fold the onion into a half liter container and fill it to the brim with alcohol or vodka. Infuse the tincture for 7 days in a cool dark place. Take 2 tbsp. l. twice a day before meals. The preventive course will last 10 days.
  • Pumpkin seeds against worms. You need to eat them in their pure form daily for 2 weeks. Pumpkin seeds expel pinworms and tapeworms from the body.
  • The fight against parasites is carried out using common garlic. It is used for ingestion, tinctures and decoctions are prepared on its basis, cleansing enemas are made. The use of garlic in any form is useful for the prevention of helminthiasis.
  • A decoction of tansy flowers will help prevent the appearance of parasites in the body and eliminate helminthic diseases. You can prepare the broth like this: take 1 tbsp. l. dried or fresh flowers of the plant, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and take 100 ml twice a day before meals. The preventive course will last 7 days.

How to do prophylaxis in pregnant women?

pumpkin seeds for the prevention of worms

During pregnancy, it is very difficult to treat parasites, since medications are toxic and can harm the developing fetus. The best prevention during this period will be a careful attitude towards yourself, careful care and hygiene, and regular testing. To protect yourself from infection, you need to eat more anthelmintic products. These include:

  • garlic and onions;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • sour fruits and berries;
  • dairy products.

Limit food that worms like:

  • sweets and fresh pastries;
  • nuts and sunflower seeds;
  • fatty meats and fish.

How to protect children from parasites?

Children become infected with parasites when interacting with other children, playing with sand, etc. Infection can be very difficult to avoid. It is necessary to carry out prevention for children more often, following these recommendations:

  • Teach children to wash their hands more often.
  • Wash children's toys and keep the children's room clean.
  • Monitor small children as they tend to pull objects into their mouths.
  • Prohibit children from stroking stray animals.
  • After contact with pets, wash your child's hands and face.
  • Regularly carry out anthelmintic prophylaxis (with the help of folk remedies or medications), after consulting a doctor.

Compliance with preventive rules and recommendations will help to avoid infection with helminths, relieve a person and his family members from painful symptoms and ailments. Anthelmintic prophylaxis will allow you to protect a person from the influence of negative environmental factors, strengthen immunity and save health.